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This month’s trend: Being green! April 23, 2008

Posted by ashiah in This Month's Trend.
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It seems like everything is turning green this month, and it’s not just trees. From the numerous amounts of magazines publishing “green issues” (The New York Times Magazine‘s issue was made out of 100 percent non-recyclable paper!) to the overwhelming amount of blogs and news articles touting green living, it seems like being green has infiltrated our media. Sure it’s Earth Day/Week, but the media’s angle is that of an internet fad. Do this NOW. This is what’s IN. But how many of these media outlets will be supporting their usual message of “Consume, consume, consume!” next month? Environmental issues are serious and shouldn’t be treated like the new internet meme. If you’re gonna start recycling this month or carrying reusable sacks to the grocery store, do us all a favor and stay loyal to your “green-ness.” Happy Earth Day/Week!