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National Novel Writing Month: Week 2 November 19, 2009

Posted by ashiah in Books.

Thank goodness for the four-day weekend I’m getting next week because I fell extremely behind last week. As of now, I’m only sitting at 17,000 words.

Last Saturday I hit the library early and wrote all day. I was cruisin’, let me tell you. The story actually started to get good. So after a successful day of writing on Saturday, I went back to the library on Sunday to pick up where I left off. Unfortunately, whatever magic writer energy I had on Saturday didn’t generate on Sunday. So the story, once again, slid into a tragic mess. But there’s still hope. I refuse to give up!

One interesting occurrence that happened last week was that I realized I absolutely loathed one of my characters. The character Jillian, who is the main character’s best friend, became so obnoxious I decided to take a literary dump on her. Case in point:

She quit her job and dyed her hair pitch black, which drooped in front of her face, covering her eyes. She stalked passed Café Express and glared at all the faceless people inside. She pressed her forehead against the window and slowly started scratching her nails against the glass, much to the displeasure of the latte-drinking, Macbook owners who looked at her over their laptop screens with fear and annoyance.

“OK, miss, move along,” said the screechy voice Café Express worker. He came out with a broom and proceeded to jab her with it. Jillian hissed and stalked away.

You see, Jillian used to be perfectly sane and normal, but now she’s just a plot device prop. If I later have to start killing off characters, this bitch will be first.

This week’s worst sentence:
It not only was a little out of character, it was completely out of character for her.

Overall score for the week:



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