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Miho Hatori’s “New Optimism” at Market Hotel, plus other stuff October 11, 2009

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miho1Excuse the lateness of this post. You would think a review of Cibo Matto’s Miho Hatori’s new side project she performed at Market Hotel about a month ago would excite me enough to post all about it the day after it happened, but…eh, things happen. Plus, I’ve been busy with moving recently, and I have limited access to internet since the move (and I’m currently typing this at a crowded cafe). But anyway, enough excuses. On Sept 16 I went down to see Miho Hatori perform a new side project called New Optimism. Because it was her debut it was kind of a big deal, but most of the crowd of younger 20-something college students seemed more excited for Javelin. Hmmm, indeed.

miho2But then again, Cibo Matto’s last album was released in 1999 when a lot of these kids were probably still in middle school or elementary school. So I guess they were bit unaware of Miho’s underground legendary status. I mean, Miho performing new material for the first time is kind of a big deal, and yet there I was in this drab venue. But regardless, by the time she took the stage, it was truly an amazing thing to see. The trademark Cibo Matto sing-song-y rap is still there, but this time over chaotic, harsh tones that neither Miho nor Cibo Matto member Yuka Honda were ever known for — not in even in their solo gigs. On stage was just her, a dude with a guitar and a laptop that sat on the floor. Behind her she had a couple of tribal dancers that stomped around. It’s been awhile since the show, so the exact details of the show aren’t as fresh anymore. But the whole thing made me excited for whatever new releases are imminent. It’s a complete departure from Miho’s solo album “Ecdysis” And it’s about time to see some raw, tribal energy from her. As she was packing up her stuff, I was too shy to ask if she was releasing an album soon. Le sigh. I guess we shall see.


OK, and on to other stuff. I just about died when I was this over at Bolachas today:
Everyone who knows me knows I’m huge fan of World’s End Girlfriend, and so any new release from him is always met with extreme jubilation. So you can imagine my reaction when I heard that he composed the soundtrack for the Japanese film Air Doll. Haven’t heard it yet but I will soon. Other releases I’m excited about:

Ben Frost – By the Throat
His last album “Theory of Machines” was my favorite album of 2007. The Milk Factory liked it. *crosses fingers*

Hudson Mohawke – Butter
I think this is his first full-length album. I know he’s released a lot of EPs, singles and stuff. I actually saw him play a free show during Warp20 here in New York. Good stuff.

I always liked their last album “The Patron,” even if it did fly a bit under the radar. I’m hearing good things about this new one.

Klimek – Movies is Magic

I’m trying to remember which list I had their album “Music To Fall Asleep” on; I think 2007’s list. Oh yeah! I didn’t make a list for ’08. I’m such a disgrace, but still…keep on plugging! But anyway….yeah, yeah…excited, blah blah.


And more news! I just remembered that NaNoWriMo starts again next month. I’m definitely doing it again this year as I had a blast with it last year. Once again, it’ll probably effect my (non)blogging, but we shall see. Hopefully I can keep writing at least one blog a week. Damn my procrastinating ways!