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New design, new job, new life…old blog July 14, 2009

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I’m back! Well, I think. Anyway, I finally got around to redesigning the blog. Here’s the original photo I used.

I forgot where I stole it from, but if you’re the author of this picture, let me know and I’ll credit you.

Unfortunately, new layouts usually means coding problems. For some unexplainable reason, I’ve been using tables to align photos and write captions. This new layout now automatically centers images. But today, while on my computer at work, I noticed the layout looked different on Firefox (I’m on a Mac, by the way, and I use Flock). The images align properly, but the text now hogs the image box. Bleh. I might go back and fix the code later, but for now….meh.

I have a lot of stuff to catch up on since I know I’ve been gone for months. I feel especially awful that I never got around to posting my favorite albums of 2008. It’s somewhat of a tradition of mine. In fact, I know it’s freakin’ July, but I’ll probably write one anyway. A short one. But damn it, it’s important for you to know what I like! So that will probably be my next post, and after that, who knows? Maintaining this blog has gotten a lot harder since I got a *real* job.

I moved to NYC late last year and spent the majority of my time working internships and part time jobs. I pretty much had no days off. Then in March I finally got my first job as an assistant at a magazine. My job at the magazine is to write their blog. So, as you can see, by the time I get home from work I’m all blogged out. But the blog at work doesn’t reflect me or my interests, which is why it’s important to keep this blog alive. I enjoy writing about this stuff, and lately I’ve been really missing it.

OK, so that’s my rambling post of why I’ve been gone for so long. Stay tuned sometime later this week for my MONSTER “What’s Playing Now” update.



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