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Whatever happened to…your favorite ’90s alt-rock band October 21, 2008

Posted by ashiah in Music.
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A week ago I read about the ’90s band Letters to Cleo reuniting. My inner 11-year-old leaped for joy. Letters to Cleo! Remember them? Their catchy/obnoxious song “Here and Now” that used to play during the credits at the end of Melrose Place? Well anyway, I used to love them, as much as I could love any ’90s alternative rock band with a quirky, cool female singer. Of course, my love for alternative rock died somewhere around ’97 when I discovered Bjork, but regardless, I still have a fondness for that period. As a tribute, here’s a list of some not-yet-forgotten ’90s bands and what they’re up to now.

Veruca Salt
This 1993 band formed by friends Nina Gordon and Louise Post is most known for their hits “Seether” and “Volcano Girls.” Mixing that cool-girl-sass everyone loved so much, their hits were incredibly catchy and echoed the current trends of that time. Unfortunately, some band drama caused Nina Gordon to leave the band and go solo in 1998. Louise Post stuck with the band and kept releasing albums. Although she’s the last original member, Louise and “Veruca Salt” are still making albums; their latest one called “IV” was released in 2006. Meanwhile, Nina Gordon has released two forgettable solo albums.

Sneaker Pimps
Emerging during the thriving trip-hop trend of the mid-’90s, the Sneaker Pimps glided into the spotlight with hits like “6 Underground” and “Spin Spin Sugar.” Unfortunately, after the much success of their debut album “Becoming X,” founding member Chris Corner came to the revelation that he didn’t need a lead vocalist, and Kelli Alli was kicked out of the band. The band’s following albums never matched the feel and success of their first album. Kelli Alli went on to embark on a solo career, while the rest of the band went on to become lecturers at random universities around London.

This British band was most known for their pop-punk hits “Connection” and “Shutter.” Unfortunately, while coasting smoothly on the fame of their debut album, they were accused of plagiarism from band Wire and The Stranglers. After the controversy and some rotation of members, the band knocked around a couple of studio tracks before finally releasing a proper second album in 2000. After that, the band disbanded in 2001. Since then, lead singer Justine Frischmann has gone on to sporadically collaborate and produce music, while the rest of the band has either gone back to school or peacefully started families.



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