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Where’s Spore? September 16, 2008

Posted by ashiah in Games.
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So during my brief absence from the internet, I missed out on one of the biggest things of all. The release of Spore, of course. From the first time I read about the game in an article appearing in Wired two years ago, to the trials and tribulations of Creature Creator released earlier this year, finally I was able to see this stinkin’ game get released already. The problem is….where is everyone? I’ve checked my usual blogs, sites, and even scrounged around Digg and saw very few articles about the release of Spore. I can’t even remember if I saw any commercials for Spore on TV. So, I set out to find out what went wrong. (Possibly NSFW behind cut.)

I first went to Gamespot to see what was going around there. Well, Spore is currently the number one game on Gamespot’s ranked list (measured by user activity). Edited to add: It’s just dropped to #4. That’s crazy! But here is where I found something strange. The critic score is 8.7, but the user rating is only 7.7. That’s abysmally low. Everyone knows fanboys rank games higher than the games actually deserve. A 7.7 rating for a highly anticipated game like Spore seems horrifically low. Here, the reviews ranged from, “so much to do, so little reward,” to “negative marks for gameplay and presentation.” Wait…what? So what did Spore do to piss everyone off?

Penis monster frowns on
the shenanigans.

Well, apparently to fight piracy, Spore’s DRM only allows the game to be installed 3 times. This resulted in storms of angry fans to rush Amazon with one star reviews, which were later taken down and called a technical “glitch” by Amazon. This propelled thousands of fans to choose to download the game illegally instead and bypass the controversial anti-piracy restrictions.

So now everyone is angry at Spore, and this has greatly overshadowed the (supposedly) greatness of the game. Perhaps Spore won’t be the next The Sims, which kind of saddens me, to be honest. See, this is why I shouldn’t be away from the internet weeks at a time. But I’m still excited for Spore and hopefully whenever I get around to playing it, I’ll enjoy it despite the controversy.



1. Jake - October 20, 2010

Spore sucks as a game. There is absolutely nothing of interest in the game for me personally.’

Compared to masterpieces like Deus Ex, System Shock 2, X3:Reunion, Age of Conan and the Thief series, Spore simply sucks ass.

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