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Fun with Netflix August 25, 2008

Posted by ashiah in Film.

I’ve been spending more time browsing my recommendations list on Netflix. For those unfamiliar with Netflix (HAHAHA!), the recommendation page is a list of movie recommendations based on your past ratings. Well, I have rated a lot of movies (a little over 650 to be exact), but Netflix’s recommendations still can’t be trusted. Led Zeppelin Live? R. Kelly? Whaa? Below are a quick list of some strange finds that have found its way into my recommendations list.

Not cool, Netflix. Not cool.

I understand how the humor of Homestar Runner’s star Strong Bad can parallel Adult Swim shows like Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Sealab, but….Last Life in the Universe? The depressing Thai film about a guy obsessed with suicide? Maybe Netflix thought I needed something to cheer me up?

You know, I love Portishead, but what do they have to do with any of these movies? The soundtrack? I’m too lazy to check.

What does Richard Pryor have to do with Taxi Driver or Full Metal Jacket? Did he make a cameo I wasn’t aware of?

Yes, because the dark indie drama about Dawn Weiner, the most hated middle schooler in her town, totally relates to Michael Moore’s political pseudo documentary.

The Big Lebowski? All right. Fight Club? Oookay. City of God? Oh, come on! The brilliant Brazilian film about young boys surviving in the ghettos? Does not compute.

I’ll never get tired of this one.



1. Rebecca - September 7, 2008

You didn’t know? R. Kelly and Bjork are in the same genre. You just didn’t know. And “Trapped in the Closet” is a great song….. all 39478274823482034 minutes of it.. with 23948238 videos.. all ties in with Bjork and her music. You really should read up on this stuff. 😛

2. ashiah - September 7, 2008


You’re right. I mean “Trapped in the Closet” totally rivals Vespertine. In fact, I think Bjork stole her ideas from him. That bitch.

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