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Five strangest things caught on Google street view August 14, 2008

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Ever since Google introduced Street View, people quickly found out the service could easily be used for other things — such as trolling the streets for weird finds. After this image of a kid falling off his bike and this image of a buy pointing a gun in Chicago started circulating the web earlier this year, trolling Google street view for weird finds has become a recognizable hobby. There’s even a whole site dedicated to it.

Yesterday, Geekologie posted a pic of a guy past out drunk in the middle of someone’s lawn (probably not his). In a salute to strange people and things caught on Street View, here’s a list (because hey, I’m lazy) of the five strangest things caught with Google Street View. Remember, kids, the next time you buy crack, Google might be watching…

A girl’s car is covered in….post-its? Car’s owner is not amused.

While cruising through this posh little suburb, Google was lucky in capturing this strange art car, but what was even better was capturing the aftermath of strange-art-car. The owner is recognizably pissed, or maybe she’s pointing out that her friend missed a side.

The headless horse

Google has been getting a lot of flack over privacy concerns. In response, Google started blurring the faces of people caught on camera and cutting off their heads too, apparently. This horse’s family shall never be embarrassed.

Google pisses off police

Well, when you run a red light, speed and run over a barricade, this makes some policemen, like, angry.

Don’t mess with Texas hippies

Here’s an interesting find from Austin, Texas where the hippies are very adamant about their…hippie..ness. Peace, love, peace, love; when will the man understand??

Hey, I’m on camera!

And what an appropriate way to end the list. Piss off, Google! We don’t like your type hanging around these parts.



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