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The top ten top ten lists July 30, 2008

Posted by ashiah in In the news.
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It’s impossible to make a safe voyage through a news feed without running into a “list” of some kind. Hell, Entertainment Weekly recently did an entire issue devoted to nothing but top 100 lists. But writers are not uncreative slackers (not all of us, anyway); there is a reason why so many writers/editors/bloggers consult the top ten list so frequently:

1. They’re easy to write.

2. They’re easy to read.

3. People always read them (even if they hate themselves while doing so).

4. It sparks discussion/controversy, which attracts more readers.

5. Did I mention they’re easy to write?

Lists are a godsend for lazy writers because lists are failure proof. I’m not trying to bash the list; I have several lists published here on this blog, too. But this week I noticed an alarming amount of lists and felt an uncontrollable urge to create one of my own. I decided to submit to that urge, but only if I could do it as douche-y as possible. Here is a list of this week’s top top ten lists. It sounds pathetic, but it’s a list! You know you can’t help but read it.

10. Gallery: 10 Things You Should Have Bought at Comic-Con
Wired uses a good excuse to show off cute toys from the San Diego Comic-Con.

9. Top 10 ’80s Movie Moments We Once Loved But Now See in a Different, and More Disturbing, Light
Taken from heartlessdoll.com, one of SF Weekly‘s blogs, this list delves into ’80s teen comedies and why they’re all weird and politically incorrect today. For example, the author points out that Ferris in Ferris Beuller’s Day Out wasn’t cool at all, but was an obnoxious whippersnapper who wouldn’t stay off people’s lawns.

8. The 7 Biggest Asshole Computers in Science Fiction
You see, stuff like this would never happen if the robot came from a two robot home.

7. 7 Funniest Green LOLCats
The Daily Green wants to spread the message of global warming through memes. But what about the people who think memes are a myth?

6. The 36 Best PS2 Games
Gamepro wants you to know that the Playstation 2 has great games on it. Thirty-six to be exact. But no more than that, sorry.

5. 5 Tiny Mistakes That Led To Huge Catastrophes
Cracked.com is the king of lists. But unlike other sites, their lists are always creative, insightful and, surprisingly, well-researched. The best one on the list is AOL’s accidental publishing of private user data. America, meet User 927. User 927, meet America.

4. 10 Multi-Use Items You Should Consider Packing
Although not particularly pop culture related, this surprisingly useful list can make packing less irksome. Did you know dental floss can be used as a knife?

3. The Screening Room’s top 10 movie psychos
CNN wanted an excuse to write more about Heath Ledger’s now iconic Joker role. Here was their excuse. (Edit: Actually, I probably should have bothered to read the article first.)

2. Cosmo’s 20 Favorite Sex Tips Ever
Cosmopolitian still doesn’t realize the majority of its readers are impressionable teens. As a naive high-schooler, I used to take Cosmopolitian seriously, but stuff like “Bare Boogie” and “Randy Rub-a-Dub-Dub” only succeeds in making adults laugh.

1. Drawing-board confessional: 22 unflattering moments from autobiographical comics
This week’s list from The AV Club shows that there are some things a self-deprecating comic book author shouldn’t indulge in.



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