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Plastic guitar shaped controllers are no longer cool July 1, 2008

Posted by ashiah in Games.

Guitar Hero on the DS gives a new
definition to…er, uh…it’s just lame, OK?

After watching this humorous review of Guitar Fever, one of those cheap plug n’ play knock offs designed to fool parents and disappoint children, I realized the Guitar Hero franchise is becoming too much. When Guitar Hero was first introduced, it was charming, innovative, and one of the few rhythm games to have a cool factor to them (let’s be honest, no one looks cool stomping around to Dance Dance Revolution). Over the years, as the game grew in popularity, it quickly evolved from being just a fun rhythm game to the go-to party game for losers who want to show off and play Freebird for the millionth time in front of their bored friends. The newest Guitar Hero crosses platforms to the Nintendo DS. Instead of a guitar controller, players strap the DS to their hand and play with a stylus shaped like a guitar pick. Now this is just going too far. Now they’re doing away with what made Guitar Hero original in the first place — the controller! They had a nice ride, but it’s time to pass the torch to something else. Piano Virtuoso Hero, anyone? Just me then?



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