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There can only be one: Wall-E vs. Johnny Five June 30, 2008

Posted by ashiah in Film, In the news.

When the poster for Disney/Pixar’s Wall-E first premiered, everyone assumed it was a rip-off of another adorable robot, Johnny Five from the ’80s flick Short Circuit. “How dare Disney plagiarize an adored robot like Johnny Five,” people whined. Well, there was only one way to settle this. I constructed a table that compared the two robots to see if the nay-sayers’ criticisms were correct. But nope, they were wrong. Johnny Five was never adored.



Johnny Five
Function Trash collector Professional smart ass
Back story Human race leaves him behind; is lonely for years until he accidentally discovers the one thing that will save mankind. After getting struck by lightening, he gains intelligence and outsmarts scientists when they try to capture him. Gets beaten up a lot.
Memorable quote Doesn’t talk. “Frankie, you broke the unwritten law. You ratted on your friends. When you do that Frankie, your enemies don’t respect you. You got no friends no more. You got nobody, Frankie.”
Quirky characteristic Uh, being cute? I don’t know, I haven’t seen the movie yet. Possibly gay.
Timeless appeal? Too soon to tell. Only to those too young to remember that Short Circuit was lame.
Conclusion? Inconclusive. I probably should have bothered to watch the damn movie first. He has a VCR for a head! Think about that.


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