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Bjork/Sigur Ros LIVE at Náttúra Concert June 29, 2008

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The live webcast of the Nattura Concert in Iceland just ended, and yes, I sat through all four hours of it. There were lots of delightful surprises, as well as eye-covering cringes. The concert was a way to raise awareness about the negative impact of aluminum smelting plants being built on untouched land. Sigur Ros took the stage first, then followed by Bjork. Below is a list of live commentary about the show. (Disclaimer: Not actually written live):

-(Missed the first half of Sigur Ros’ set.)

-Sigur Ros plays songs off that new album I can’t pronounce or spell.

-For the first time, I realize lead singer Jonsi is blind in one eye. Hmm.

-The Icelandic string quartet band Amiina are on stage dressed a bit like Bjork.

HIGHLIGHT: During ” Gobbledigook,” Bjork comes out and plays drums. She and Jonsi are both energetic and fun. The whole performance is just too damn cute

-Sigur Ros closes with the last song on “().” The crowd does not look enthused. Where’s Bjork?

-It takes a whole damn hour to set up the stage for Bjork. Meanwhile, we’re treated to pictures of Iceland’s landscape. Aluminum smelting plants are, like, totally not cool.

-Bjork rushes the stage and performs “Earth Intruders.”

-Hmm, Bjork sounds tired and isn’t hitting a lot of notes.

-During “Pleasure Is All Mine,” Bjork struggles to reach even the simplest high notes. A disappointing performance.

HIGHLIGHTS: “Joga” and “Triumph of a Heart” finally gets the frozen (somewhat literally) audience to move.

LOWLIGHTS: “Army of Me” and “Wanderlust” are completely out of key and the instruments are out of sync. Bleh, a huge mess.

SURPRISE: Old Sugarcube member Einar Orn pops out to strangle a trumpet during “I Miss You.”

-Bjork apologizes for her sore throat before singing “Vokuro.”

-Do Icelanders know how to have fun? They all look cold and bored.

-During the encore, Bjork sings “Happy Birthday” to one of the wonderbrass members. They then rock out to “Declare Independence.”

-Eh, there were some rocky points, but it was pretty good overall. After all, those are four hours I will never get back, right?



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2. Justin - December 14, 2008

As a side note, Army of Me intentionally goes out of key.

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