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Yes, Spore Creature Creator is as fun as it looks June 19, 2008

Posted by ashiah in Games.
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Like everyone else, I’ve been fooling around with Spore’s Creature Creator. But of course, much like the Sim’s Body Shop released before The Sims 2, the program was more of a way for me to test my system specs and see if my computer will actually handle Spore or not once it comes out. The diagnosis? Well, I’m having graphic problems, but I still managed to make a few weird creature thingys.

The Newbie
He’s the new guy on the block, and my first creation. Made him in about 5 minutes. Those two long arms at the back of his body are completely useless. He just kind of wobbles around and can barely point. He’s a great dancer, though.

This was supposed to be my cute creature, but this is where my graphic card got all screwed up. The colors are just all wrong. No matter what colors I painted him as, these weird dark splotches would show up all over his body. It looks like an art class threw up on him.

The Whogivesadamn
Because really, who gives a damn? This guy was made in 30 seconds just so I could test the color. Of course those stupid dark splotches are still there. Grrrr!! What am I gonna do?? I already updated my chipset driver, fooled around with the Spore settings, and trolled message boards. When The Sims 2 came out, my computer didn’t meet the minimum requirements, but all I needed to do was upgrade the ram and that was good enough to run the program. I wonder if I should do that. I currently have 1.25gb of ram, so I guess I could upgrade to 2gb. Don’t you love these stream of consciousness type posts?



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