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There can only be one: Shia LeBeouf v. Joseph Gordon Levitt June 12, 2008

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Yesterday, Gawker had a bone to pick with current “It” boy Shia LeBeouf. They can’t understand why the rising young actor is everywhere, calling him “that actor who plays the same snarky, zippy prick in every movie.” They then compared Le Beef to another young actor, Joseph Gordon Levitt. “Where are the [magazine] covers for Joseph Gordon-Levitt, so beguiling in films like Brick and The Lookout?” they asked. You know, there actually are several similarities between the two actors. Does one deserve to be more famous than the other? Below is a table where I compare the two actors using rigourous scientific research and data. Scientific conclusion? I have a lot of time on my hands.


Shia LeBeouf

Joseph Gordon Levitt
Age 22 27
Was Known As That kid with the flaring nostrils on Even Stevens. That kid with the uncomfortably long hair on Third Rock from the Sun
Currently Known As Successful young actor who appears in blockbusters. Critically acclaimed young actor who appears in indie flicks.
Rumored Flaws Sometimes considered “douchebaggy.” Has been called pretentious.
Fan Girl Meter A fan on ONTD confessed to giving him a condom with her name and number on it. Well, according to this study, has no straight male fans.
Conclusions? Career will probably be ruined by some scandal. Might achieve mainstream fame through upcoming G.I.Joe movie.


1. cookiemonster - June 12, 2008

Ew, I hate the Beef.

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