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The Sims: Too much stuff, not enough substance May 6, 2008

Posted by ashiah in Games.
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For those who want their Sim
home to look cold and lonely.

Stuff packs are nothing new to the Sims series. Anyone who has played the game knows it gets repetitive after the first month or so. The expansion packs rarely improve anything, and so much of the driving force behind The Sims is creating and designing. People build a house, move in an attractive family, take lots of stunning pictures, and then start another house.

To accomplish this, you need stuff. Lots and lots of stuff. You can usually download this stuff for free on the Internet, but EA Games can sniff a profit when they sense one. And so, Sim Stuff Packs were born, but how important are these, really? The newest stuff pack is bordering on parody. Really, Maxis? Really? People, you can get this stuff for free!



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