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Flavor Flav refuses to find chair, sit in it April 26, 2008

Posted by ashiah in What's On TV.

Oh mom, can we keep him?

Flavor Flav’s newest sitcom airing on MyNetwork TV is the final nail in the coffin. Make it stop, please. The Flavor Flav minstrel show has gone on for too long. I admit I used to love Flavor of Love. I even wrote a column about it. Trashy TV is a weakness of mine, but there’s a line Flavor Flav, Vh-1, and their various spin offs have crossed, and that’s deliberate ignorance and buffoonery. Flavor of Love‘s first season was a guilty pleasure because Flavor Flav was earnestly looking for love, the women were earnestly batshit insane. But now everything is too obvious, like they’re intentionally pandering to the lowest brow of entertainment. I guess you could say that about all reality TV, but I like drama, not fake, put-on drama. The Flavor Flav sitcom Under One Roof is even worse because real breathing, college educated writers sat down and wrote this garbage. Haven’t we seen this show before? What about The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, In the House, or hell, The Odd Couple? Do they think we’re that stupid? I prefer to watch shows that don’t have such low opinions of its viewers. Sheesh.



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