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Music review: Various Production – The World is Gone April 19, 2008

Posted by ashiah in old.

Well, it’s about time.

Various Production has made a name for itself for releasing rare 7″ records. Although the copies were always out of stock or under “limited time only,” the praise was always the same: You’re going to die if you don’t hear this. This is the future of dubstep music. Since most people don’t own record players, we just had to take their word for it.

Fast forward a year later and now the anonymous people behind Various Production have finally released their first full length album. Perhaps this is an important lesson on how hype can ruin a perfectly solid album. What can be done when an album offers silver and you were expecting gold? Instead of seeing the album as silver, the album becomes brass.

And so, this is the unfortunate affect of “The World is Gone.” There’s really nothing negative to add here besides that we set our expectations a little too high. “The World…” is a pounding, frenetic summer album that’s dubstep one minute and electronic folk the next. Tracks like “Thuunk,” “Hater” and “Sir” can easily become club favorites, while tracks like “Circle of Sorrow,” “Deadman” and “Fly” halts the fun and introduces from stunning female vocals accompanied with an acoustic guitar.

One aspect that’s a disappointment is only two tracks from their rare 7″s are on the album. It would have been nice to see “In This” or “Home” on the album instead of tracks like “Circle of Sorrow” or “Soho,” which are just updated versions of them.

My advice is to forget whatever you just heard about Various Production and come join the party with an empty head. Then, perhaps you can appreciate how silver this album is.



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