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Music review: Dani Sciliano – Slappers April 19, 2008

Posted by ashiah in old.

Siciliano never gets enough credit. Sure she’s mostly known for loaning her voice to Matthew Herbert’s music, but Siciliano is as talented a producer as she is a singer. When first popping in Slappers, many might roll their eyes at the amount of Herbert-ness flowing from the tracks. True, there are slight traces of Herbert here and there, but then again, there are slight traces of Siciliano in Herbert. The two influence each other, so it’s logical for this to happen.

But Slappers isn’t a Herbert album, which is probably what most are expecting. Siciliano is dynamic, personality wise, and exerts herself on every track with cocky sassiness and humor. One of the most amazing things about Siciliano is how her voice transcends genre. Slappers mostly relies on electronics, but often wanders into country and hip hop territory. Siciliano’s voice never sounds out of place and is always reigning the track, barking out the lyrics often coyly or Peaches-esque.

Opening track “Slappers” fittingly opens the album with a dynamic hip hop beat and then hops (pun intended) to “Didn’t Anybody Tell You,” a track that is fun to listen to, but easily forgettable. Stand out track “They Can Wait” is sinister and whisper-y one second, and then assertive the next. Apparently, all the beats on this track were taken from a recording of a high school and then fed through a drum kit.

“Why Can’t I Make You High” borrows a country beat and a catchy hook, while “Frozen” is a quiet, throwback trip-hop track. “Think Twice” is easily one of the best tracks, bursting into an array of bleeps and bloops and then shrinking back inside itself. “Wifey” is a glitch explosion that chops Siciliano’s vocals in interesting ways. Closer, “Be My Producer,” is an inside joke between Siciliano and Herbert. The track, which was entirely produced by her and uses only her voice to supply the beat, openly mocks the sexual relationship between singer and producer.

Slappers is a surprisingly accessible album and could easily be a club hit if she was, ya know, Britney Spears. She might not get the credit, but it’s hard to ignore good talent.



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