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Music review: A Cloud Mireya – Singular April 19, 2008

Posted by ashiah in old.

The last time we heard a collaboration between Prefuse 73’s Scott Herren and Claudia Deheza it was on last year’s Prefuse 73 album, Surrounded By Silence. The album received mixed reviews, but their teamwork didn’t appear ingenious to me. Deheza has a beautiful voice that sounds comfortable displayed in the middle of Prefuse 73’s usual cut, ripped and glitched music. But I suppose both of them saw that something better was brewing between them, and so A Cloud Mireya was born and, honesty, it sounds like nothing I would have expected.

“Our Alejandro” starts the race and quickly transforms into “Those Nights,” a wispy and soaring song tapping into the realms of bedroom pop. “Illustional” is one of the best tracks that fuses gentle glitches with the plucks of a guitar and then quickly builds into a beautiful arrangement, but sadly ends a little too early. “Wasted Time” is a simple structure one minute and then full blown bells, chimes and electro glitches the next, with splices of samples throughout. “Safety In Number One” is a simple, yet sadly innocent track, while “These Flowers” is a folkish trip through the countryside with a strange vibrating bass underneath.

From here the album begins to dip a little. The songs blend together and it becomes harder to remember what was just heard. “Bliss Inseclusion” for some reason is eight minutes longer than the other tracks, so it stands out like a redheaded stepchild. It drags and drags, but it’s only a minor distraction from the rest of the album.

What can I say? It’s a beautiful album, but I wonder how much of my opinion is biased because Prefuse 73’s name is stapled to it. Although nearly every track on Singular is bustling with flowery compositions, it could very well belong to some unknown European band consisting of a couple of ugly guys in beards and the obligatory blonde earthy chick.

So, I’m conflicted. It’s a pretty album, but anyone could have made it. I’m glad to see Scott Herren stepping away from his typical Prefuse 73 style and trying on some new shoes, but there are plenty of ways to add a new formula without changing the root of who you are. Just don’t ask me how.



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